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Featuring cutting-edge technology to give senior leaders a clear picture of performance throughout the school, SIMS Independent is the leading management information supplier.

Not only have we seen a record number of schools move to SIMS in the last year alone, but we’re proud of the fact that when schools move to SIMS, they choose to stay with us as they grow.

Your trusted partner

Trusted by over 670 independent schools worldwide, customers have found no other management information system with the innovation, breadth and depth of SIMS. They benefit from the extensive knowledge of our team and expertise of our account management and customer support.


Raising the bar

With unparalleled pupil tracking capabilities, SIMS allows you to set challenging targets to encourage every pupil to reach further. With this vital insight helping you spot trends in performance, SIMS helps you to boost the achievement of every child and continually demonstrate the value of the education you provide, helping your school stay ahead and set it apart from other schools.

The historical achievement data in SIMS allows subject teachers to identify trends and to put appropriate intervention strategies in place before a pupil starts to slip behind.

Sarah Boyse, Deputy Headteacher, Sheffield High School

Whether you want to get more out of SIMS, or you are considering moving to our fully integrated solution, trusted by over 670 independent schools worldwide, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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