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Raise pupil achievement

In an increasingly competitive world, even the highest performing schools need to continually raise standards and demonstrate their academic credentials.

SIMS gives you the tools to continually raise the bar. By spotting trends in pupil performance, it helps you identify when a pupil needs support to overcome a learning hurdle or shows you when a child may be coasting on relatively good marks when they are capable of more.

Boost the achievement of every child

By recording your assessment information in SIMS, you have at your fingertips a historical picture of every child’s achievement. This allows you to set realistic targets for every pupil that can challenge them to reach further. Those with specific weaknesses are spotted quickly so you can put extra tuition in place and ensure you boost the performance of every child.

Raise pupils’ attainment with SIMS Assessment & Reporting

As all our assessment scores are stored in SIMS we can pinpoint the time period of any drop in attainment.

Mike Forrest, Director of Studies, Wisbech Grammar School

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Get the bigger picture

With SIMS Discover, you can closely monitor your pupils’ academic performance and monitor if they are on track. By bringing all your pupil data together in graphs and charts, it’s easy to see how one element may affect another. How does day pupils’ achievement compare to boarders? Monitor a specific cohort of pupils such as elite athletes and monitor their achievements to ensure they are performing well both academically and in sport.

SIMS helps you quickly find the answers and alerts can highlight any issues to you as soon as they start to develop.

Focus on raising achievement with SIMS Discover

Deliver a stimulating curriculum

A choice of qualifications, a wide range of subjects and the additional activities like cultural trips and drama, make the education you deliver unique – which means your timetable is too. SIMS can manage your complex curriculum requirements easily so you deliver a curriculum that enables the maximum number of students to study their chosen subjects.

Simplify complex timetabling with SIMS Curriculum Management

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Motivated pupils

Pupils can be given access to the data on SIMS Learning Gateway to monitor their progress against targets and take responsibility for their own achievement. Parents can access information too, providing encouragement when needed and ensuring everyone is working to the same goals.

Help pupils to drive their own achievement with SIMS Learning Gateway

Boost pupil achievement

SIMS Registration Suite enables teachers and parents to access historical and current details of attendance, attainments and any homework set with ease. This provides a clearer picture of what their child is doing in school and how they are progressing. Teachers are also able to set homework and record when this has been submitted.

Drive pupil performance via SIMS Registration Suite

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