As a senior leader, you’ll be wanting to focus on strategic decision-making to help your school move from strength to strength. SIMS can give you quick and easy access to the data you need, so you can concentrate on running your school.

All your information in one place

Information regarding admissions, academic tracking and reporting, staff and parent communications, finance and timetabling can be accessed from one source. This gives vital insight, allowing you as a senior leader to make informed decisions based on a whole school view.

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All your information in one place with SIMS Independent

Raise the bar

With unparalleled tracking capabilities, SIMS allows you to track pupils’ attainment throughout their time at your school so that you can set challenging targets to encourage every pupil to reach further.

This vital insight enables you to boost the achievement of every child and continually demonstrate the value of the education you provide, helping your school stay ahead and set it apart from other schools.

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Raise the bar in your school with SIMS Independent

A data dashboard customised to meet your needs

SIMS Independent allows you to create customisable reports for a number of different roles within your school. Produce reports for you and your senior leadership team to show the performance of pupils taught by particular staff, or show a head of year patterns of pupil behaviour.

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Customisable reporting for Independent schools

Improve communication with parents

Give parents the opportunity to really engage in school life by allowing them access to up-to-date information on their child’s progress and daily activities via our innovative text, email and online communication tools.

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Improve school communication with parents with SIMS Independent