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Manage school finances simply

Your school’s finances need to support your commitment to delivering the finest education. This means making wise investments, maximising your resources and providing value for money for parents.

SIMS Financial Management System (FMS) provides an instant picture of your school’s cash flow, profit and revenue, enabling you to manage day-to-day financial tasks more easily.

Get a clear picture of your school’s financial health

SIMS FMS brings together all income and expenditure in one place to give you a real-time snapshot of your school’s finances, helping you make the right financial decisions for your school.

Keep on top of your school’s finances with SIMS Financial Management System

SIMS FMS gives us the clarity of information to make realistic cost savings.

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Better budget forecasting

SIMS FMS helps you see at a glance the financial impact of an investment in a new computer suite or an additional music teacher, helping you plan for the future more effectively. You can try out different budget scenarios based on expected pupil numbers and staff levels so you can see what combination works best for your school.

Accurately project future revenue with SIMS Registration & Admissions

Smooth handling of fees

Good management of fees billing keeps the cash flowing smoothly throughout the school year. With SIMS Fees Billing, you can simplify the fees process with email invoices and electronic payment options, making it easier for parents to pay their bills on time, wherever in the world they live.

Manage pupil fees efficiently with SIMS Fees Billing



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Save time and money

SIMS Fees Billing helps schools reduce the time spent on the collection of outstanding fees, providing easy access to detailed records of overdue payments and the ability to calculate interest charges.

Improve the efficiency of debt management with SIMS Fees Billing

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