Prep schools have become increasingly skilled at adapting to change.  Many choose SIMS to help them thrive, from evidencing pupil achievement and increasing business efficiency to maximising marketing activities, keeping parents better informed and generating pupil certificates.

SIMS Independent provides prep schools with an intuitive set of assessment tools that will support strategic decision making.

Continuing to assess against national curriculum levels

Allow teachers to easily identify changes in an individual pupil’s progress and see at a glance who is meeting, exceeding or missing their targets by using SIMS marksheets. SIMS progress grids display knowledge descriptors matched to all core subjects. Teachers can record and analyse whether a pupil is achieving as expected, or is above or below what they are capable of.

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Taking an alternative assessment approach

For schools who choose to develop their own scheme, SIMS progress grids allow schools to map results from their own tracking system to enable them to make full use of SIMS analysis.

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Early years assessment

SIMS progress grids include the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning goals for teachers to complete in a quick and simple format, giving more time to plan and deliver lessons. This data can then follow pupils as they move up the school, to monitor their knowledge and skills overtime.

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Flexible access to pupil information

With our SIMS Teacher app, staff can easily capture achievements, assessments, attendance both online and offline.  Hosted SIMS allows staff to access all the functionality of SIMS wherever they are.

Support pupils through every stage of their education

SIMS can create and manage customised timetables allowing you to support the different structures of your prep and senior schools whilst still sharing resources when appropriate.

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