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Enhance pastoral care

You want your pupils to develop into well-rounded young people who have the qualifications and personal qualities they need to flourish in the world of work.

That means focusing on each child as an individual and delivering a broad curriculum. SIMS helps by putting information on each pupil instantly in to the hands of teachers so they can make informed decisions about the care of each child. It also makes it easy to juggle multiple timetables, qualifications and a huge range of co-curricular activities to offer pupils the educational experience that they expect from an independent school.

See each child as an individual

The wealth of data teachers and pastoral staff can access on SIMS means they can support pupils effectively both academically and as individuals. Information on achievement, co-curricular commitments, punctuality, medical information and more all combine to create an accurate picture of a child and help you understand when they may need extra support.

See a complete picture of every pupil with SIMS Core Suite

Electronic registration allows us to extract relevant pupil data easily, enabling us to examine both individuals and wider groups. We can identify, for example, potential pastoral issues at an early stage.

Nigel Carr, Deputy Head Brentwood School

Pupil with xylophone

Deliver a stimulating curriculum

Offering a choice of qualifications, a wide range of subjects and additional activities like drama and cultural trips, make the education you deliver unique. SIMS can manage your complex curriculum requirements, helping to ensure the maximum number of pupils are able to study their chosen subjects.

Simplify complex timetabling with SIMS Curriculum Management

Support pupils’ learning more effectively

Some pupils may have regular authorised absences to play in house competitions, sports tournaments or to take part in rehearsals for school performances. Lesson by lesson registration means all types of absences are monitored and can be followed up, as appropriate. For example, in the run up to exams, this information may need to be shared with parents.

Instantly access a complete picture of your pupils with SIMS Registration Suite

Photo of head and pupils
Photo of pupils off to a cricket match

Encourage responsibility

When your pupils work alongside their peers, supporting one another, they make better progress. With SIMS Learning Gateway they can use online forums to collaborate on homework and discuss school business. They can also access their achievement data to see how far they need to travel to reach their learning targets.

Motivate your pupils with SIMS Learning Gateway

Involve parents in the journey

A child who is supported and encouraged by their parents is happier, healthier and achieves more. With SIMS Learning Gateway you can keep parents informed online about a child’s school life and how they are progressing. With SIMS InTouch, you can send parents text or email messages about how their child got on in the latest test, or the final score of their hockey match, so parents can provide additional encouragement from home.

Send SMS and email messages to parents automatically with SIMS InTouch

Pupil playing lacrosse

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