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Engage parents

Parents are your school’s most valuable ambassadors. They share their views far beyond the school grounds so effective communication is crucial in helping them stay informed and engaged in school life.

Whether a parent is working at an office down the road or is at home 6,000 miles away, SIMS can help you stay in touch so that parents see the value in the education you are offering.

Keep parents in the loop – wherever they are

Gone are the days when the only communication from school was the annual report. Parents now expect access to real-time information, wherever in the world they are based.

SIMS InTouch helps you keep parents instantly informed on their child's school life by keeping them updated on how their child is progressing. If a pupil receives an ‘A’ in their homework or you want to share news of an award for a sporting achievement immediately, a text can be sent to parents in a couple of clicks.

Send instant, relevant email or text messages to parents with SIMS InTouch.

Parents are making a significant investment in their child’s education so they naturally want to be kept regularly updated on the progress they are making.

Michael Windsor, Headmaster, Reading Blue Coat School

Photo of pupil and mother

Involve parents in their child’s achievement

Parents play a vital role in boosting your pupils’ achievement, and keeping them up to date helps them to support their child’s progress. Using SIMS Learning Gateway, parents can view their child’s timetable, homework diary and achievement information online so they can provide support and encouragement to help their child reach further.

Involve parents in raising achievement with SIMS Learning Gateway

Create an online community

With SIMS Learning Gateway, even those parents thousands of miles away can still be involved in day-to-day school life. You can let parents know about school events and initiatives, share good news, conduct surveys and allow them to engage in online discussions with the school community.

Involve parents and families in school life with SIMS Learning Gateway

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Simplify your admissions process

With SIMS Registration & Admissions you can analyse the number of school visits and see how these are progressing. Monitor which parents have attended an open day and if required, generate invitation letters automatically to encourage them to do so, to help increase the number of prospective parents visiting your school.

Communicate efficiently with prospective parents with SIMS Registration & Admissions

We consistently exceed
the published benchmarks for converting parental enquiries into pupils joining the school. The data we gather on parents from the first point of contact is central to us achieving this, now and in the future.

Sheila Hallsworth,
Sir William Perkins's School

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