It is more important than ever to raise your school’s profile as parents navigate a crowded marketplace to choose the best education for their child. Naturally, you want to showcase the high quality education that sets your school apart. But do you know which of your marketing activities is getting this message successfully to the parents you’re targeting? SIMS helps by revealing which activities parents respond to and by communicating with prospective families consistently.

A targeted approach

There are many marketing activities that a school can undertake, but it is important to focus your energy on the approaches that will have the greatest impact on pupil numbers. With SIMS you can see clearly which activities result in parents choosing your school over competitors, so you know you are advertising in the right publications and sending out mailings that get results.

Efficient budget planning

Parents may register interest years before their child is due to start school. With SIMS Registration & Admissions that information can be stored, helping you forecast future pupil numbers and putting you firmly in control of budget planning, with an accurate projection of future revenue.

Support the needs of Head Teachers, Bursars and Governors with the provision of accurate data detailing where pupils are coming from, helping to achieve the right balance in the numbers of boarder and day pupils, for example.

Deliver a consistent message

Communicating consistently and professionally with parents is crucial in defining a positive first impression. SIMS Registration & Admissions makes this a simpler task as you can generate and store templates for standard letters, emails and other communications, each with your school’s individual design and branding.

Simplify administration

Save time and avoid missed opportunities by using SIMS to manage the entire pupil recruitment process – from initial enquiry right through to the child joining your school. Arrange all school visits, interviews and correspondence using the data held in SIMS. You can even keep parents up to date automatically at different stages via text and email with SIMS InTouch.