Providing insight for senior leaders

SIMS provides thousands of senior leaders with the vital insight they need to help each pupil succeed.

An established solution for your prep school

An intuitive set of assessment tools that will support strategic decision making.

Engage parents

Build stronger links with parents by improving and simplifying the way you communicate key information.

Attract new pupils

Communicate consistently with prospective families and track the progress of every pupil from initial enquiry.

Enhance pastoral care

With the right information to hand, you can focus on each child as an individual.

Manage your finances

See a real-time snapshot of your school's finances, maximise your resources and ensure value for money for parents.

Improving efficiency

See a clear picture of performance across your school - from pupil achievement and the provision of pastoral care to efficient balancing of the books.

Raise pupil achievement

View real-time performance data that will help you to boost the achievement of every pupil.