Annual and Tailored Services

Reassurance that your IT systems and data are in safe hands

To create a school that provides the right environment for learning, you need systems in place that inspire pupils to learn, help teachers to teach and help you simplify and improve your management processes for every step of a pupil’s journey through your school.


We provide over 670 independent schools with tailored support they can count on to resolve their IT issues quickly and easily. Whatever level of IT support you need to ensure the smooth running of your school, our dedicated team of Support Analysts can offer a package to suit you, ensuring that your technology will not become another issue to deal with, but a catalyst for better learning and school management.

The different levels of support we provide will allow you to find a contract that is ideal for you from a simple and cost-effective SIMS telephone and email service, to SIMS support across the whole of your network.

Our whole-school service includes full MIS support of your network infrastructure and hardware, unlimited support for SIMS on your curriculum networks, anti-virus updates and a system recovery option. This service also includes three onsite technical visits.

For further information please contact Independent Schools Consultancy Team on +44 (0)1285 647500 or email

Project Management

Our quality-assured Project Management Service provides guidance and support throughout any implementation of SIMS, making sure your project runs smoothly and on schedule.

Our Project Managers ensure that your project is well planned and resourced so that nothing is left to chance. They will make sure that the Capita resources you need are made available to you at the appropriate time and risks and issues are carefully managed, helping you to deliver your project on time and on budget.

For further information on Project Management, please contact the Independent Schools Consultancy Team on +44 (0)1285 647500 or email

On-site Training and Consultancy

Our extensive range of training and consultancy services can be tailored, targeted and delivered to specific teams of people within your school to help you get the most from your software investment including; implementation planning, training, strategic reviews and provision of direct services.  All our courses are scheduled as part of our professional services for Independent schools from the UK and overseas, and are also offered as on-site consultancy, tailored to your school’s specific needs.

How to book

Contact the SIMS Independent Schools Team on +44 (0)1285 647500 to find out how our consultants can help you.


  • Shared best practice to help you achieve whole school improvement
  • Excellent return on your investment in SIMS
  • Efficient and motivated staff


  • Tailored to your school
  • Delivered by education experts
  • Onsite training at many locations

Scheduled Training courses

Our comprehensive range of scheduled training courses are available for all levels of knowledge and cover all aspects of SIMS from financial management to school improvement. We offer more than 120 SIMS training courses to help you get the most out of your software investment – whether you’re new to SIMS or an experienced user.

Most courses are held at our Cirencester office, but we can also offer courses at 18 locations around the UK or at your school with courses tailored specifically for your needs.

The range of courses cover:

  • School Improvement - enables you to understand how to use the data stored within your MIS for whole school improvement
  • Core SIMS - focuses on maintaining student and staff data on a day-to-day basis and in particular ensuring that statutory returns can be completed with minimum effort
  • Technical - Our Technical Essentials range of courses will give you the technical skills and confidence required to run your networks and systems from SIMS to virtualisation and security
  • Financial management - addresses all aspects of financial management in schools including budget preparation and monitoring, maintaining the equipment register and dinner money management for primaries
  • SIMS Learning Gateway - A range of services and different levels of training is available, for technical and non-technical staff, to enable schools to successfully roll out SIMS Learning Gateway
  • SIMS Online Learning - our online training will provide you with a valuable introduction to SIMS

Maximum benefit from your investment
These courses are an excellent opportunity to learn from the Independent Schools Consultants who have specialist knowledge in all areas of SIMS.

Courses also provide a chance to network, share ideas with other schools and seek advice on best practice. Each course has a maximum of 6 participants, giving the opportunity not only for personalised training, but also time to deal with specific queries about module implementation.

Data Migration Services

For new SIMS users moving from another MIS, our team can manage the data migration often required as part of any move from a legacy system. Project management will ensure any such move is as seamless as possible.

For further information on Data Migration Services, please contact the Independent Schools Consultancy Team on +44 (0)1285 647500 or email

Other Services

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