We understand that you don’t want to invest in a complex management information system with features you will never use.

That’s why our team of experienced consultants will advise you on exactly what you need and can supply a modular system that can simply grow when you do.

For further information please contact our consultants on +44 (0)1285 647500 or email

Annual and Tailored Services

For your school processes to run smoothly, you need IT that supports you – we can offer tailored support packages to help you put systems in place that help you to create the right environment for learning.

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Hardware and Software

Whether your ICT equipment is not working correctly, you need an additional PC or you need to update your school network, we can supply you with all your hardware and software requirements.

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Managed Services

If you have staff leaving, on long term sick leave, or if you don’t have the technical help at hand, the managed services team provides expertise and resource to get the job done.

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SIMS Learning Gateway Services

While SIMS Learning Gateway is great straight ‘out of the box’, we can offer you a hosted services option, meaning you can have even more freedom and opportunity to integrate it into your existing ICT.

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Technical Services

If you are looking to update your network infrastructure or need new PCs and software installing, our expert technical services team will provide you with a future-proof solution, tailored to independent schools.

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Training Calendar

We offer training courses on Capita Independent software and general office IT applications at centres in various areas around the UK.

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Hosted SIMS

Hosted SIMS provides remote access to SIMS anytime, anywhere. By making your data more accessible, time is saved, allowing every member of staff in your school the ability to access SIMS from home or school.

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