St Bede’s College: SIMS is the lifeblood of our school

St Bede’s College in Manchester is an independent Roman Catholic co-educational grammar school for Catholic and non-Catholic children aged 3–18 years. The school prides itself on providing a friendly, supportive environment to learn and achieve, with a focus on academia, sport and the creative and performing arts. St Bede’s College has been using SIMS for over 10 years.

SIMS Lesson Monitor is one of the more recent SIMS solutions to be introduced at St Bede’s College and the school is already seeing the benefits, as Pavla Mataskova, SIMS Development Manager, explains:

“It’s brilliant being able to see the details of the lessons and classes - we use the information on there to improve punctuality and ensure exemplary behaviour. We pride ourselves on the excellent conduct of our pupils but recognise that there’s always room for improvement. We run analysis reports which show behaviour patterns for, say, children who are often late - it gives us an overview of how particular groups are performing, whilst identifying where we may need to speak to a particular pupil about an issue.”

SIMS Registration & Admissions is also a more recent addition to the school’s SIMS suite and is transforming how St Bede’s College evaluates the success of marketing campaigns to better understand where to focus their pupil recruitment activity. “Now we can easily track activity throughout the process and make use of the valuable reporting available in Registration and Admissions to understand where best to put our efforts and resources,“ says Pavla.

Pavla summarises the impact of using SIMS at St Bede’s College: “SIMS is like the school’s central brain - it’s the place to go to for all the information we ever need on a child, from their academic progress and achievements, to contact and medical details, to their behaviour and wellbeing.”

Dr Richard Robson, Headmaster of St Bede’s College, agrees: “All our teaching staff use SIMS and everyone can see the benefits of the information being in perfect, up to date shape, with no more laborious spreadsheets to go through.

"Staff also appreciate how SIMS helps with the smooth day to day running of the school, particularly the pastoral team who can pull up information on a child at short notice, giving them a complete picture of a child’s conduct and progress. It’s also particularly useful for reporting to parents – because SIMS is fully integrated, we can simply pull through information on attendance, behaviour and academic grades straight into the reports. SIMS is the lifeblood of our school.”

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