Jumeirah College: we have the full picture to focus on the needs of every student

Jumeirah College, based in Dubai, is a sought-after British international secondary school for students aged 11 to 18 years with some 1,100 students on roll. In 2016, for the seventh time in the last eight years, the school was awarded the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspection rating of Outstanding.

Simon O’Connor took over the reins as Principal in 2013 and was involved in the introduction and implementation of SIMS throughout the school in the following year. He values how SIMS supports the school’s vision, in particular the Jumeirah College ethos of focusing on each student as an individual - a principle which Simon sees as being key to the success of the whole school:

“SIMS enables us to see, and analyse, a wide range of details about any particular student – we have the full academic and pastoral picture, from achievement to attendance to behaviour, so we can really understand what’s happening in each student’s life at school,” says Simon.

Jumeirah College has an enviable academic record, with impressive GCSE and A level exam results. Simon explains how the school achieves this: “Our students achieve consistently high academic results year on year - a result of a combination of great teaching and tracking student performance very closely. By analysing data from a variety of sources regarding base-line cognitive ability tests, prior attainment, regression data and predictors, we can personalise targets against which to track progress. SIMS is invaluable for this - the speed at which we can access the full information we need about each student’s progress means we can put in place powerful and personalised interventions to help every child achieve their full potential.”

“The evidence of how successful this combination is can be seen in the figures themselves - in 2012 48% of GCSE grades achieved A*/A, in 2016 this percentage had increased to 65%. This is even more impressive when you drill down into those high grades - in 2012, 26% of students had achieved 8 or more A*-As, in 2016 it had nearly doubled to 50%. I’m passionate about forensic assessment and the impact it can make, which is why I consider SIMS to play such a key role.”

Simon summarises the impact of SIMS towards the running of the school:
“SIMS plays an important part in the success of Jumeirah College, from supporting us to maintain our very high academic standards, to helping us ensure we can offer an impressive range of subjects. SIMS is also key to us being able to truly focus on the individual needs of each child - because SIMS is fully integrated, it gives us the full picture so we can ensure every student at Jumeirah College benefits from a truly well-rounded education and can fulfil their potential.

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