Everything you need to know about SIMS in My Account

By Wayne Reynolds

As many of you will know, My Account is a hub that gives you access to information and SIMS updates, online support and booking for our user groups and conference. Over the summer, we were looking at the number of schools using My Account and found that only about a quarter of our schools have at least one member of staff with a log-in.

So how do you find essential information about SIMS? My Account holds a wealth of information on SIMS products, roadmaps, training courses, documentation, events, forums and logging and updating support cases.

If you haven’t got an account you can register today.


Hot Topics

Recently we have created a series of ‘Hot Topic’ product pages in My Account, which provide quick and easy access to all the information you need about individual topics.

This means that when you visit My Account, instead of searching for information on a particular topic, you’ll be able to find all the help and support you need, all in one place.

All you need to do is click on the Hot Topics tab on the My Account homepage and scroll down to find the one you’re interested in. Some other hot topics include:

  1. The popular Did You Know videos recorded by the SIMS Independent team
  2. Presentations and photographs from our annual conference
  3. Product release information and downloads
  4. Latest information on exams
  5. Latest information on GDPR

And much more…….


Never miss an update

Within each page, you’ll see a ‘Watch Hot Topic’ button in the top right-hand corner and by simply clicking on this you’ll be sent a notification every time the page has been updated with new information. We’ve also created each hot topic as a web page, so you can save the URLs as a favourite, giving you quick access whenever you need them.


Enhanced search function

Enhancing My Account’s search function has been our biggest priority and challenge. When searching in My Account, you will notice that your search results appear in a more relevant and logical order. The new icons define different search result types too, as follows:

My Account icons

It is easier for you to find what you’re searching for with the addition of new document sub-filters. Upon expanding the documents filter, you will find a selection of options which will help you find publications and training documentation more easily. The document search results also now show helpful summary descriptions, as you will see from the screenshot below.



Our forums are the most popular area of My Account – you can put any question to the SIMS community and staff. Search within the forums if you are looking for a particular topic and to keep up with the latest posts, look for the green dot next to forum thread which highlights that there has been activity in the last 24 hours. See how the forums work


Forum screenshot

Support cases

Another popular area of My Account is the customer service area where you can search our vast Knowledge Base and log and manage support cases (or tickets). We have two Did You Know videos on how to do these (just click on the links above). In addition, you can see a visual overview of all your tickets and view an analysis of them.


We’d love to hear what you think

Please do post any comments below or in the My Account support forums. As always, we’ll be monitoring this feedback and adding any changes to our backlog for future developments. 



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