Are you prepared for results days?

By Wayne Reynolds

Another year has flown by and exams download day is nearly here; time once again to focus on importing results and producing the necessary analysis.

Due to the changes in the GCSE grades in English and Maths, make sure you are up-to-date on the latest release to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

To go one step further in your preparation, read one of our four handbooks available in the Documentation Centre or on My Account:

SIMS also has a comprehensive range of analysis reports automatically available within Exams Organiser and SIMS Discover or, if you wish, you can design reports to meet your needs. Here are a couple of examples:

SIMS Exam Organiser
This provides several reports which are based around individual pupils, groups or the whole cohort such as the Certification Broadsheet, group analysis and subject/grade analysis.

Independent Schools Council (ISC) Exams Analysis Report
Last year we produced a report where you could send your results to the ISC for your year 11 and 13 students. We have updated this report and it’s now available to be imported from My Account.

The output from this report can then be uploaded to the ISC web portal.

To aid schools in completing this task we have produced a quick reference guide for year 11 and year 13.

SIMS Performance Analysis
SIMS can build several analysis grids, which can be built before results day. Once the results have been imported, the grids will automatically populate. Examples of analysis include comparison of forecast grades against actual results and analysis of your school’s performance for the past five years.

SIMS performance analysis

SIMS Assessment marksheets
Creating Assessment marksheets enables you to compare MIDYS predictions against actual grades, with traffic lights to indicate whether the result is above, on, or below forecast. Again, you will have the option to build these in advance ready to be used on results day.

SIMS Discover
Pre-defined graphs in Discover for GCSE results (there are also similar ones for A level results) include Grade Distribution by Subject (screenshot below), Residuals by Subject, KPI (5+ Good passes etc.) and a Venn Diagram comparing those who have gained a good pass in Maths, English and 5+ good passes.

Discover graph

It’s worth remembering, if you have SIMS InTouch, that you can use these to send exam results, either to pupils who may be on holiday, or simply to help them as they wait anxiously at home. They can then have constructive conversations with you about next steps once they have gathered their thoughts.

Finally, to further support our customers, the SIMS Independent helpdesk is open longer hours on both results days for each week:

SIMS Independent helpdesk extended opening times - exam results 2017

Wednesday 16th August

07:00 to 17:30

Thursday 17th August

07:00 to 17:30

Wednesday 23rd August

07:00 to 17:30

Thursday 24th August

07:00 to 17:30


The SIMS Independent helpdesk can be emailed on or phoned on the usual number.



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