The new SIMS Parent and SIMS Student apps provide a convenient way to communicate with parents and students. Attendance data, homework, school reports and information about extra-curricular activities is all accessible from smartphone, tablet or PC and can be customised to suit your school.

Accessible apps

The new student and parent apps provide a more convenient way for schools to communicate with parents and students via smartphone, tablet or PC.  This next generation of our parental engagement solution uses a single sign-on function, meaning schools don’t need to manage individual logins.

Keep parents informed

Customisable information allows you to only display relevant information to parents, be that school reports, timetables, attendance or conduct information.  Parents can see an overview of how their child is doing on a clear dashboard, allowing them to support their child’s development.

Engage students inside and outside of the classroom

Give your students the ability to view homework tasks, check their timetable and receive reminder alerts from a smartphone, tablet or PC. With access to key information at their fingertips, empower students to continue their learning outside of the classroom.

Free up your technical team

Our apps are simple to install and rollout to parents.  Being web-based makes them extremely easy to maintain, whilst the single sign-on functionality frees up time spent resetting passwords.

Access inspection evidence instantly

Parental engagement is a key focus of both ISI and Ofsted. The Parent app provides an audit trail of the communications you send parents which can then be used as evidence for your next inspection.

The app can also provide evidence of your safeguarding measures, allowing teachers to give real time updates to parents so missing children can immediately be accounted for.