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SIMS Learning Gateway for independent schools


SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) provides teachers, parents and pupils with secure online access to real-time data in SIMS, anytime, anywhere - from assessment marks and behaviour to reports and registration.

With SIMS Learning Gateway, your staff can work more flexibly, parents are better engaged and students are encouraged to drive their own achievement. With SLG, your staff can work more flexibly, parents are better engaged in their child’s progress and school life and pupils are encouraged to drive their own achievement.

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Why choose SIMS Learning Gateway?

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    Keep parents informed, wherever they are

    SLG is compatible with tablets and smartphones so even busy parents, or those overseas, can access information on the move and keep up-to-date with their child’s progress and the latest school announcements.

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    Flexible working for teachers

    By accessing all the information they need from any computer or tablet, teachers can reduce conflicts between work and home.

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    Instant access to detailed information on a child

    Parents can view their child’s timetable, see details of set homework and deadlines, check their latest achievement points or access their child’s school reports online and view exam information and results.

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    Motivate pupils to drive their own achievement

    Pupils can gain access to their learning targets and achievement data from school or from home.

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    Value for money

    SLG is fully integrated with SIMS so you can share your school’s data without increasing your workload, while also saving on printing and postage costs.

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