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SIMS InTouch for independent schools

A successful school needs good communications to run effectively. SIMS InTouch uses SMS and email to provide your school with a complete communication solution based on the information you have in SIMS. Powerful and efficient, you can engage more effectively with parents, pupils and staff wherever they are - whether you’re sending out reminders about parents’ evenings, exams, timetable changes or reinforcing pupil achievement.

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Why choose SIMS InTouch?

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    A whole school communication tool

    Whether it’s a message about an upcoming school trip, parents’ evening or school closure, there’s no need to worry about remembering to send out communications as you can schedule messages to be sent out automatically.

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    Full SIMS integration

    Everything you do within SIMS InTouch is embedded within SIMS. So you can access all the information you need simply, and whenever you need it. There’s no need to go into another system or spend time importing or exporting data.

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    Drives parental engagement

    Keep parents instantly informed of their child's school life by keeping them updated on how their child is progressing. If a pupil receives an ‘A’ in their homework or you want to share news of a sporting achievement immediately, a text can be sent to parents in couple of clicks.

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    Save time and money

    Reducing the amount of printed communications you send out will free up administration time for your staff as well as save on postage, ink and paper costs.

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