Whether it’s a Year 9 pupil struggling with French, or a music scholarship pupil with an important music exam looming, if you allocate extra resources you need to know that these are having an impact. SIMS Interventions enables you to identity students who may need extra help, and record and track what is working best for them, all from information stored in SIMS.

Understand the impact using your SIMS data

Identify students in need of extra help and track how effectively you support them.  With all your information held in SIMS, use both contextual data and analysis to plan and see impact of your interventions.

Help every child achieve their potential

Record each student’s targets and quickly identify the interventions that are helping your students progress. SIMS Interventions allows your school to not only plan and run initiatives, but allocate staff and resource.

Easily analyse and report on your interventions

Monitor both individual students’ interventions and whole school trends by different areas such as SEN and pastoral support.

SIMS Interventions includes a range of pre-built reports to prove the effectiveness of what you’re doing. You can also build your own custom reports; reports can be pulled through to SIMS Discover allowing clear and intuitive analysis that can be provided to your senior leader team, governors and ISI.

How SIMS Interventions helps

  • Senior Leaders

    SIMS Interventions provides senior leaders with a complete picture of the impact of additional support across the school.

  • Data Managers

    SIMS Interventions provides an effective solution to record and analyse extra help.  The data links with SIMS Discover allowing you to produce quick and attractive graphs.

  • Teachers

    SIMS Interventions helps you to plan, run and report the help you provide in order to improve outcomes for pupils.