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An integrated timetable and calendar for your school

SIMS ID makes it effortless to manage cloud services by providing teachers and pupils with a single login from desktop to cloud, including a combined timetable and calendar view through Google and Office365 integration.

With SIMS ID, users can securely login from any device through a customisable launchpad.

Key benefits of SIMS ID

  • Google and Office365 integration – It’s effortless to run multiple cloud services and integration with Office365 and Google means your SIMS timetable is visible in your calendar for both staff and pupils.

  • Safe and secure - SIMS ID ensures those authorised gain access to services. Permissions across separate systems can be revoked, and when a user leaves and is deactivated in, or removed from, SIMS, all services managed by SIMS ID are automatically disabled.

  • Reduces administration - Staff and pupils only need to remember a single username and password for all services connected to SIMS ID, with no need to re-enter passwords once logged in.

  • Easy to manage - All accounts are created automatically from the data in SIMS, with simple management of user identity across local and online services via a single admin portal.

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