Keeping track of how all your pupils are progressing is of vital importance to any successful school. SIMS Discover is an award-winning data analysis tool which allows you to analyse and drill down into your SIMS data and present it in a variety of ways.

So whether you want to monitor specific groups of pupils or compare how your Year 7 English students are progressing this year compared to the previous cohort, you can find everything you need in SIMS Discover.

Track academic performance

Closely monitor your pupils’ academic performance, so you can provide the information you need to governors and inspectors.

Monitor specific pupils and intervene earlier

Find trends and patterns in your pupil data, helping to identify where your school could be adding more value.

Transform pupil data analysis

SIMS Discover brings key pupil information to all your staff with a few simple drag and drop actions, allowing them to find their own answers to traditionally complex queries.

  • Using SIMS Discover makes it easy to run our rewards programme successfully without putting extra burden on our teaching staff - they can simply add the merit into SIMS themselves or, if it’s a group - say for a sporting fixture - hand the team sheet to our school office.

    Frank Butt, Deputy Headteacher - Academic, Langley School