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SIMS Curriculum Management for independent schools

Managing complex timetabling and cover demands can be a time consuming process, even for the most efficient staff. SIMS Curriculum Management Suite helps you manage the process quickly and easily, ensuring you produce a complete and organised school curriculum more efficiently.

SIMS Curriculum Management Suite allows you to design a curriculum and schedule a timetable that suits the majority of your pupils, whilst maximising the efficient use of teachers and other resources.

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Why choose SIMS Curriculum Management Suite?

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    Ensure pupils have the maximum opportunity to study the subjects they choose

    Design a curriculum that suits the majority of your students whilst maximising the efficient use of teachers and keeping class sizes to a minimum.

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    Automate the timetabling process

    Create complex timetables quickly and easily regardless of the range of academic and extra-curricular subjects on the curriculum.

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    Help the school day run smoothly

    Easily organise cover for teachers who may be absent due to school trips, training or sickness. See in an instant staff who are available to cover and allocate them lesson by lesson, to ensure that all classes have a teacher present.

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