When it comes to delivering an exceptional education, you need fast, easy access to all your pupils’ information, giving you a complete picture of every student and helping you to make informed decisions.

Access all school data from a single integrated database

With SIMS Independent, track and assess key information on academic progress, achievement, gifted and talented students, children with special educational needs, contact information and individual attendance all from one single source. Our integrated solution holds all your information in one place, giving you everything you need to see a complete picture of each pupil.

Communicate more effectively

Free up more time for teaching with the ability to send messages immediately. Generate mail merge and individual letters and send them home quickly using the contact details already in SIMS.

Save time on administration

Efficient reporting tools coupled with a customisable homepage allows quick and easy access to everything you need. Once a pupil has accepted their place, their information is automatically available for bills, timetable, reports and much more avoiding the need to manually input any of this information.

Changing MIS supplier can feel incredibly daunting, but here at SIMS Independent, we understand the issues independent schools face in migrating and offer the support to help the process run as efficiently as possible.

We will make your move to SIMS as smooth as possible by:

  • Offering technical services, training and consultancy with our expert consultancy team - their years of experience will help you get your SIMS up and running.

  • Our data conversion services migrate your data from your existing MIS.

  • Offering the support of a dedicated SIMS Independent project manager at every stage of your migration.

How SIMS Core Suite helps

  • Teachers

    With the ability to send messages straight to the people who need them, free up more time to teach.

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  • Administration staff

    Having everything in one place with the ability to analyse and edit data when you need it, will make  administration tasks quicker and more efficient.

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  • Senior leaders

    Have access to and track key data on attendance, academic progress, conduct and achievements on a single screen.

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