Independent schools need to see a clear picture of every child to support them on their learning journey. SIMS gives you the information you need to closely monitor each child's progress and help them to achieve more.

A historical picture of every child's progress at your fingertips allows you to set realistic targets for every pupil. With SIMS, you can be sure that every pupil's progress is tracked, helping you to raise attainment across your school.

Why choose SIMS Assessment & Reporting Suite?

  • Deliver an outstanding education - SIMS makes it easy for teachers to track the performance of individual pupils and quickly see if they need support to get back on track, helping to raise the school's results overall and demonstrate the value of the education they provide.
  • Track the progress of every child - identify vital links between a pupil's attainment, attendance and conduct, analyse trends, and focus on the progress of every child. Predicted grades are provided instantly from historical assessment data stored in SIMS.
  • Help every child to succeed - as an efficient way to record assessment data, SIMS Assessment & Reporting ensures every child gets the encouragement they need to reach the highest level of attainment, regardless of their age or ability.