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SIMS Agora for independent schools

You want to focus on planning inspiring school activities – not complex payment collection and banking. SIMS Agora helps you collect payments and permissions from parents simply, securely and cost-effectively with the system you already use.

Why choose SIMS Agora?

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    Simplifies school payments

    Simplifies the often complex payment collection process with streamlined administration and automatic links in SIMS. Schools and parents benefit from an easy, secure process for all sorts of payments including school uniforms, trips and more.

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    Saves your staff time

    Reduces administrative time and cost spent on payment collection and banking procedures, saving valuable time for your staff.

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    Improves safety

    Reduces the amount of money held at your school, ensures children are safer by not having to carry cash with them and gives parents peace of mind that all transactions are processed safely and securely.

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