SIMS Agora provides a simple, secure solution for collecting payments and permissions online with links to SIMS. SIMS Agora supports schools by reducing costs and streamlining payment collection administration saving staff hours of time.

Simplify school payments

SIMS Agora simplifies the payment collection for school trips, clubs, transport, uniform and other school items with streamlined administration and links to SIMS. Both your school and your parents benefit from an easy, secure process for making those necessary school payments.

Save valuable staff time

Efficiently managing your payments centrally can reduce administrative time and cost spent on payment collection and banking procedures, saving valuable time for your staff.

Secure access to information

Ensuring your information is secure, is our priority. SIMS Agora achieves this by providing additional secure access through integrated two-factor (2FA) authentication.

Customise to suit your school

Parents can use SIMS Agora to provide parental consent for trips online at their own convenience. SIMS Agora is not just for activities that need payment, allow staff to also allocate tickets at concerts and plays that don't have a cost involved.

How SIMS Agora helps...

  • School Administrators

    Reduce the administration workload in school and streamline the work in the finance office, saving your school many hours each week and helping to reduce costs.

  • Bursars

    Automatically consolidate your school finances and reduce administrative time and money spent on payment collection and banking procedures.

  • Parents

    Parents can make school payments securely at their own convenience. They can also book trips and tickets for events, as well as provide parental consent for trips.