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Room Booking System for independent schools

Room Booking System is a comprehensive, web-based room booking solution which helps you to manage bookings for all types of rooms and resources. Integrated with SIMS, it saves staff time, maximises resources and improves efficiency throughout your school.

Why choose Room Booking System?

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    Effective room and resource booking

    Effortlessly manage bookings for all your rooms and resources, including IT rooms, laptops and voting handsets by timeslot while booking meeting rooms by time.

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    Helps to eliminate double bookings

    Once a meeting is booked, it is automatically reserved in the system, reducing the risk of errors and double bookings.

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    Easily manage external bookings

    Improved management of room bookings can help your school facilitate external bookings, such as making the sports hall available to hire for set periods and automatically invoicing hirers.

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    View comprehensive reports and statistics

    Accurately track room and resource utilisation, helping you to improve efficiency, reduce costs and maximise your most valuable resources - your staff and facilities.

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