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RECORDLINKwriter (Cohesion Software) for independent schools

Schools are increasingly using electronic documents in day-to-day administration and communication yet these items often reside on user PCs and in complex folders rather than being managed by the SIMS file plan.

RECORDLINKwriter by Cohesion Software allows SIMS users to quickly and easily save their Microsoft Office documents to SIMS where they become organised, network accessible and part of the school's disaster recovery plan.

Why choose RECORDLINKwriter?

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    Effectively manage your documents

    Organise and distribute documents more effectively and securely.

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    Improve the quality of your information

    Improve information quality in the SIMS pupil record.

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    Save money

    Reduce archive and administration costs and also reduce paper usage and associated costs.

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    Engage with parents

    Make documents available for online reporting to parents as required.

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    Mitigate increasing email traffic

    As documentation can be saved into SIMS, you can reduce the amount of information being sent via email.

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    Back up your files

    Documents are included in the daily SIMS back-up, which are added to the school disaster recovery programme.

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