The convenience of online option selection is easy for your applicants, students, and their parents, and will save you hours of time and paperwork. SIMS Options allows you to seamlessly manage the whole process, it is easy to set up your plan and pathways. Once students have made their selections these are automatically fed back and classes are automatically created.


Students, parents and applicants benefit from the convenience of being able to select their GCSE or A-level choices online through a simple intuitive portal. They can find out about the subject options, make selections from their assigned pathway, list subjects in order of preference and add reserves, as well as add comments for the school administrator. Submissions are instantly fed back into SIMS.


It is easy to set up your options plan and pathways in SIMS Options and share with your students. Classes are created automatically, allowing you to define class size, grouping preferences and much more. With SIMS Options you can accurately keep track of progress in real time and ensure that important information does not go astray.


You'll save countless hours of administration time by taking your options process online. You will no longer need to manually input, collate and sort each individual submission as SIMS Options does this automatically. Housemasters and form teachers will be able to sit down with the student and go through their options, with all of the information needed available instantly within the software. SIMS Options frees your time, allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

How SIMS Options helps...

  • Senior leaders

    Provide the best service for your students and parents, whilst saving valuable staff time and resource.

  • Timetablers

    Classes and blocks are automatically created simplifying the whole process, while the manual override function ensures you have full control. 

  • Administrators

    Save hours of time inputting, collating and sorting your options submissions.