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Live Register Suite (Cyclone Industries) for independent schools

Live Register Ltd is a leading supplier of biometric and card based systems for education. Its Live Register Suite consists of a number of modules including Cashless Catering, Access Control, Print & Copy and Attendance. These can be integrated to create an environment where you can carefully control access, manage your systems centrally and closely monitor and report on usage.

Why choose Live Register Suite?

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    Overall efficiency and audit accountability

    As you integrate more card and fingertip based systems, central control and monitoring becomes more effective and overall visibility improves.

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    Catering efficiency and increased revenues

    Cashless catering speeds up the dinner service and makes administration and accounting simpler and more accurate. By presenting menus in new ways and providing a faster, more convenient service you can encourage meal uptake and increase revenues.

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    Improve attendance

    Fingertip or cards for registration puts responsibility into students’ hands. Teachers will have less involvement in taking registers which saves time in the classroom and improves timekeeping.

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    Improve site security

    Provide a safer, more secure environment through reliable detection and central control and monitoring of students through access controlled doors and barriers.

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    Reduce print costs and wastage

    Control use of print resources by card or fingertip to enforce usage rules and analyse print resources.

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