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Accredited school photographers

School photographers are fully licensed to work with SIMS schools and are endorsed by Capita.

Accredited photographers have been evaluated in their ability to provide CDs that are compatible with batch import into SIMS software. Schools doing their own images or using other suppliers should apply for their license directly to Capita at enclosing their purchase order number and LA and establishment number.

Please note that schools can import individual pupil images from any supplier or source without requiring a licence – please contact your local support unit for instructions.

Batch import in photo importer

For a school photographer to supply a CD-ROM that is compatible with the SIMS photo importer there are a number of important considerations:

  • They have to evaluate both the methodology and technology for taking the pupil photographs on the day
  • They have to produce the images to a precise specification
  • They have to produce the CD-ROM in the correct format
  • They have to be aware of the license and support implications of using the batch facility in photo importer
  • They need to know the correct procedures to ensure the schools are fully supported in this process.

Photographers need to receive data from the school in advance of their visit and therefore also have to be aware of the data protection implications.