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SIMS Learning Gateway

SIMS Learning Gateway provides secure online access to your school's information anytime, anywhere.

It enables parents to be engaged in the full life of school and their child’s progress, including attendance, achievement, assessment and pupil reports - saving you time and money.

SIMS isn’t the only thing available via the Gateway and schools can share information and documentation with parents and pupils quickly and easily. For teachers, the Gateway enables online access to SIMS wherever they are, giving them the choice of where to work.

Parental engagement is vital to a child’s academic progress. Encouraging your pupils to work more independently can also pay dividends in the classroom. In addition, more and more teachers want to be able to work from home, if they need to. You can help make this happen in your school.

Schools can publish pupil reports created in SIMS securely online to parents. Saving up to £3,000 per year on printing and postage costs. And, no more students 'forgetting' to hand them to parents.

Download the SIMS Learning Gateway product guide.

Key benefits

  • Real-time information on a child’s progress available 24/7
    Secure online access to real-time data in SIMS 24/7 ensures parents do not need to rely on end of school year student reports
  • Engage parents in their child’s education
    Give parents instant access to their child’s attendance and achievement information, and offer a clearer picture of what a child is learning so as to allow for better support from home
  • Ease the burden on your staff
    Enable parents to report their child’s absence and check homework online. Keep parents up-to-date with school events and activities without the need to send letters home
  • Give your teachers more flexibility in how and where they work
    Provide teachers with the tools they need and more flexibility in how and where they work. They can view their pupils’ attendance records, learning targets and assessment grades from any computer with web access
  • Motivate and support students to drive their own achievement
    Give pupils access to their homework diary, learning targets and achievement data from school or from home. Offers online forums where they can discuss and resolve problems with homework or class assignments together

Most of the information parents, students and teachers want is already in your system. but you could make it easier for them to obtain. With SIMS Learning Gateway, real-time information is accessible to all those that need it, anytime, anywhere, at the click of a mouse.

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