Whatever the size of your school and however unique your needs, our aim is to help you advance the education you offer to your pupils.

Sitting at the heart of school management, SIMS provides you with the information you need at the time you need it. SIMS provides a central, comprehensive view of every pupil with fast, easy access to all the information needed for informed decision-making, based on evidence.

How is SIMS helping special schools?

  • Expert advice: SIMS supports more than 22,000 schools every day and has the experience to help you tackle the unique issues facing your school. We can provide advice and guidance on how SIMS can help your school run more efficiently whilst providing excellent pastoral care and supporting the individual needs of your pupils.
  • Reliable technology: Our customers believe we have the most in-depth, robust and reliable solution. We invest heavily in research and development and constantly enhance and improve SIMS based on customer feedback.
  • Community support: SIMS Independent provides a wealth of support to special schools including SIMS helpdesk support, user groups, forums and online updates.
  • Real-time information available 24/7: Ensuring you connect with parents is crucial in managing a special school. Engage parents fully in their child's school life and progress anytime, anywhere with our new SIMS Parent app.
  • Ease of use: SIMS technology is intuitive, easy to install and does what you need it to do. Information is available at the click of a button, leaving more time to focus on your pupils' individual needs.